An 8 month overland motorcycle trip researching percussion performance practice in East Africa began in West Sussex, United Kingdom, and ended in Nairobi Kenya. This lead to 3 years of living in Sudan, which provided opportunity to work with local musicians in the area. 


Professional Development

PhD  by Music Performance, University of York (2021)

Banff Musicians Winter Residency, Banff Alberta Canada (2018)

SALT New Music Festival, Victoria BC Canada (2017)

Research Projects  (Project Manager, Researcher, Performer)

Drum Medicine, Victoria BC, Canada (2018)

  • performance collaboration with Indigenous Artist in Residence for Victoria BC, Lindsay Deleronde, and Performance Artist Naomi Kennedy.

The Brain in Performance, Festival of Ideas, York UK (2017)

  • implementing bio technology in improvised music performance

A Door to the Past, Festival of Ideas, York UK (2016)

  • improvised music performance inspired by concepts surrounding the Recusant period in York, England

Exploring Acoustics, Being Human Festival, York UK (2014)

  • improvised music performance using specific reverb taken from historical buildings in York United Kingdom

Conference Presentations

Study of the Sudans Postgraduate Conference, University of Oxford (2019)

Rhythm in improvised music performance: Musical outputs informed
by translations of Sudanese and South Sudanese rhythms in the structure of drum set sound exploration.

Performance Studies Network Conference, Oslo, Norway (2018):

Exploration of drum set sounds through East African rhythmic structures

IASPM Canada, “A Place in this World:” Music and Belonging/Canada 150, Toronto Canada (2017):

Belonging through drumming in South Sudan

IASPM D-A-CH, Popular Music and Transgression (s), Graz Austria (2016): 

Timbre in Improvised Drum Set Performance, Drums-Timbre–Africa–Rhythm–Improvisation